Technology evolves on a daily basis. Sometimes it becomes necessary to train even the smartest developer on the latest IT developments, market trends and challenges to keep up your company’s and Govt. staff intellect. We understand these requirements and have a dedicated team to identify the cream of the crop solutions relevant for your staff to excel and grow beyond horizons. Our corporate training sessions have helped start-ups to global enterprises to remain ahead of the technology curve. We have extended our training to major corporate, banking / financial institutions, Central / State Government organizations, and public / private sector companies across the country.

Our corporate training programs cover a lot of areas that are closely connected with employees’ professional as well as personal life, aiming at injecting positive energy in their endeavours. This has helped employees to be more productive which has in turn resulted in better for the Institutions. Over 98% of our clients testify that they have utilized the tips and tricks we provided during sessions. And over 50% of employee performance improvements noticed in companies was directly attributed to our brainstorming sessions for the keen learners.

Training programs are conducted either at clients’ place or at the SXCC headquarters in Trivandrum. We carefully evaluate the clients’ requirements and advice programs and packages relevant to their needs. Training programs encompass almost everything from the very basic to the latest and most advanced techniques and practices, with extensive hands-on and instructor-led sessions.

Client Portfolio

All India Society for Electronics and Computer Technology (AISECT), IIHT, Banglore, Kerala State Health Department, Trivandrum Social Service Society (TSSS).

ST.XAVIER'S COMPUTER CENTRE, is one of the experienced leading Corporate Information Technology Training Centre, located in Trivandrum, Kerala.

SXCC, provides corporate computer training in many software applications for your employees. We offer corporate online training for corporate, government, educational and non-profit agencies. Whether you have five or five-thousand people who need training, we have a licensing option to meet your needs.

Corporate computer training provides benefits to businesses by creating a knowledgeable staff. The modern workplace often demands employee proficiency with computers. Computer and software skills are now considered essential workplace skills for many professionals.

Special Training

We offer special training for the following courses